NYU vs Rutgers

Ben RosenfeldJew1
Yeah. I just had one voice over idea, not sure where: one of me or David needs to yell out “world star hip hop”

Reginald Ferguson The Black
Sounds good. When would you put that in? Do you have a specific episode in mind?

Ben RosenfeldJew1
See directly above: “Yeah. I just had one voice over idea, not sure where”
You still asleep?!?

Reginald FergusonThe Black
Buzz off: I didn’t see it.
I was awake when you stone asleep sucker.
I’m busy working for crying out loud.
Ben RosenfeldJew1
I thought you went to NYU. Don’t they teach reading there?
And work? You’re free all day
Reginald FergusonThe Black
No one from Rutgers gets to talk to me that way.
December 20, 2013 |


A recent Facebook exchange:

Reginald FergusonThe Black

Methinks your February launch date is very real and accurate.

Ben RosenfeldJew1

MLK would be proud

December 19, 2013 |