Episode 8 – White Rappers

The Black Jew Jew Review comedians discuss white rappers from Eminem to Macklemore. This video is episode 8 of a web series where three comedians give their funny take on rap, hip hop, and culture.

March 23, 2014 |

4 Responses to “Episode 8 – White Rappers”

  1. jewish bunnyrabbits says:

    Damn the whiteboys got me hahaha

  2. eazydee415 says:

    Fake white EUROPEAN Jews r pieces of shit anyway related to Wacklamore and
    his ilk so why get mad all can go back to Europe and all will be solved

  3. eazydee415 says:

    Viva Germany great country!!!!!

  4. mike Ironnuts says:

    What a bunch of putas.